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Cut out the time it takes to find the right lender. See all your venture debt options with a single pre-qualification app.

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Receive fast answers and checks up to $10M for your SaaS startup from venture debt lenders like these:
modern managed it

RocketOption made the process of getting funding options so simple and easy. This is a strong resource for startups looking to gain additional funding for scaling up. I’m a big fan!

CEO, Modern Managed IT

babe kombucha

I was able to complete the form in a few minutes. Using RocketOption allows you to get a fast ‘no’ and move on to the next lender efficiently.

Co-Founder, Babe Brewing

The fundraising process is a problem.

Congrats! You’ve reached the next milestone in your startup and are ready to fund faster growth. Get ready to spend the next 4 months distracted from your business while you edit pitch decks, and jump through hoops for lenders and investors to find growth capital…

RocketOption cuts out 88% of the time it takes to find cash for growth.

Instead of working through individual processes with each lender to see all your options, use our automation - cut straight to the one that fits best.

We partner with lenders who use us as a channel for increased deal-flow. 

We put their qualification guidelines in our database.

You fill out a single application and we check it against the guidelines.

In :60 secs, you get an email with all the options you’re pre-qualified for.

You close with the lender and get your cash.

Here’s what to expect after your pre-qualification

Saved time.

47+ hours

Without RocketOption, the average founder will apply with 5 lenders. The cumulative processes average 47.5 hours of time to qualify and close.

Simple. Fast.

Funds in weeks

Without RocketOption, it can take up to 4 months to get a check. We cut out the processes so you can close in as fast as a week.

Get to know some venture debt lenders and learn strategies for growing and funding your business on our podcast.

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The Most Frequently Asked Questions

What does this cost?

RocketOption is 100% free for founders. We partner with lenders to fund our operation.

What are the qualifications?

They vary per lender, but if you have at least $10k in MRR and decent gross margins, you’re on the right track.

What are the financing terms?

Terms are based on your business metrics and the options included with the loan type you choose.

What types of loans are offered?

Revenue-based financing, standard fixed-term loans, lines of credit…we cover just about everything.
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